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With 30 years of construction experience in California, Build Every Home makes your homebuilding experience a walk in the park. From design to completion, we handle all that’s needed to build, add to, or renovate the home of your dreams.


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Whether you're looking to build a new home, add on to an existing one, or completely rehab a distressed property, choose Buy Every Home. We can help you go from concept to concrete -- from dream to reality.

  • Need a new custom-designed home?
  • Want to add on to an existing home?
  • Looking to renovate or restore your home?

Buy Every Home is here for your every homebuilding need, from custom projects to tried-and-true designs. If you have a vision in mind, we have a plan to bring it to life. Your dream home is just around the corner.

Just reach out and tell us about what you want done, and we’ll give you a quote and initial approach for the project.

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In Home Building


Buy Every Home is the right choice for you if you're looking to build or renovate in central or northern California. From Fresno to Santa Rosa to Redding, we have upstate California covered and are ready to offer our assistance in giving life to the home of your choosing.

Extensive Home Building &

Real Estate Expertise


We are backed by a real estate team that has built and developed many amazing communities over the past 35 years, meeting the housing needs of Northern Californians.

A real estate team behind the nation's largest privately owned home buyer. A real estate team that knows…well, real estate! Every part of it -- from design and construction to buying and selling.

Build Every Home



Build Every Home provides a number of residential construction services to central and northern California. Below are our primary services. We’ll be happy to give you a quote on your specific home-building needs.

Custom New

Home Development


Constructing new homes from start to completion can be a challenge, but we find it’s the best way to ensure a successful build. We work with you from the first design until you walk through your beautiful front door and your face lights up with amazement.

There’s nothing like walking into a home you’ve helped bring to life. And we make sure that experience, and the journey to get to it, is seamless — and even enjoyable.




Sometimes your home just needs a little something extra to take it from “great” to “stunning!” And we’re happy to give it to you.

Whether you’re looking to add a back porch, an extra bedroom, or an island in the kitchen, Build Every Home is there to add value to your home. We can even help you with more “unique” additions — after all, it’s your home.




Looking to overhaul your master bathroom, redo the kitchen with a more modern feel, or repair damage from flooding or fire? Build Every Home can do all this and more.

There’s no need to subject yourself to a room that brings down the rest of the house. You and your home deserve better. Take action and put your renovation plans in motion today. You’ll feel so much better tomorrow.

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