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October 8, 2017

Don't close your insurance claim until you're good and ready

Wildfire Resources

Don’t let the insurance company close your claim. It’s not over until you say it’s over.

The insurance company will ask you to list your possessions. As we suggested elsewhere in this Learning Center, you’ll want to include every single thing down to shoe polish and lipstick. Hard to do in one sitting. Over time, you’ll keep remembering things you need to add. Which is why it’s important to keep your claim open. Remember, it's your loss. Your insurance company took your money and agreed to cover it. Don't shortchange yourself

The insurance company likes expediency, so they want to close the claim as quickly as possible. And they have been known, particularly in natural disasters, to get a little sneaky about it. They may add language to your settlement check , something like “acceptance of this payment will close your claim.” You don’t have to agree to that. Just cross it out and initial. To make your intent crystal clear, follow up with a letter thanking them for their partial payment and stating your claim is still open.


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